FLU Vaccinations

Please note that wearing a mask is required during your vaccination appointment. 


Annual vaccination is the most important measure to prevent influenza and its complications.

Vaccination against influenza this year is even more important. With borders reopening, a possible resurgence of influenza can occur in 2023

There is a choice of vaccines this year depending on your age. You may choose which vaccine you prefer at the time of your appointment.

Appointments are now available for those aged 5 and above 

Please choose the Flu Vaccinations button at the bottom of the screen

Influenza and Covid 19 vaccines

Influenza vaccines can be administered ON THE SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME as Covid 19 vaccines.

Please click the COVID 19 and Flu Vaccinations button at the bottom of this screen if you would like to receive your Covid 19 booster shot at the SAME TIME as your flu shot.

Alternatively, please ring us on 94974391 for help.

Please bring photo identification and Medicare card to your appointment.

We would appreciate you arriving at the pharmacy 5 minutes before your appointment time and to stay for 15 minutes after your injection for routine post vaccination surveillance, just in case you react to the injection in any way.

Please wear a mask during your vaccination appointment.